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Taking the litigation route makes it more likely for your divorce process to last months or years before it is completed. So to avoid this most couples decide to end their marriage through and out of court process. An uncontested divorce involves the spouses reaching an agreement about all issues in the divorce out of court. To achieve this, the parties seeking for a divorce must work amicably with the help of experienced Houston uncontested divorce lawyers. Remember that a court must first approve the agreement between you and your spouse for the divorce to be completed.

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Understanding An Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, couples decide how they will share custody and other parenting responsibilities. They also agree on the duration of any child support or spousal support, and negotiate on how to go about property and debt division. Then they file court forms and a divorce settlement agreement that outlines the decisions they made on all the issues they negotiated. 

 A judge will review the agreement and approve it if it is fair to all the parties involved in the divorce. Texas judges are also likely to thoroughly scrutinize the agreements on child support and child custody to ensure that they are in the best interests of the child. Just because decisions have to be made amicably in an uncontested divorce does not mean that the parties will agree easily on all issues, or that the process will run smoothly.

How An Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Can Assist You

Houston Uncontested Divorce LawyerYour lawyer will work with you to ensure that you make proper decisions concerning child custody, division of marital property, visitation rights and more. Your lawyer can look at your paperwork to ensure that what you agree to will not come back to haunt you after the divorce. This is very important especially in a divorce case that involves young children or substantial assets or both. A short marriage with no minor children and few assets is easier to end through an uncontested divorce without either spouse hiring a lawyer.

The Pros Of An Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce allows you to end your marriage in the shortest time possible without spending too much money. Your uncontested divorce will also be more private, which means only a few people will know the issues that caused you to seek divorce. An uncontested divorce may result in the couples keeping more assets than they would have had they gone to court. The spouses are more likely to complete the divorce on friendlier terms without any hard feelings.

Is An Uncontested Divorce Right For You?

An uncontested divorce is not for everyone. A marriage that has a history of domestic violence, and other forms of abuse cannot be ended effectively using an uncontested divorce. The power dynamics in such a marriage is so unbalanced that it makes it easier for the spouse with more power to manipulate the process. You may also want to avoid an uncontested divorce if you and your partner cannot talk for a minute without screaming at each other. In such a scenario, the parties that are seeking divorce can turn the whole divorce process into a bitter competition for child custody and property.

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